M101 Meet ups

This is a monthly gathering for women who’s primary focus is to be made over from the inside out. It’s easy to cover flaws with concealer. Instead, we focus on not covering up our flaws & sins but we learn to expose them address them using scripture. We will join together encouraging and holding each other accountable. We invite you to journey with us as we learn to lead by example.


The Makeover 101 Teen Conference is an attempt to makeover the world one girl at a time, from the inside out.The conference is filled with games, music, make-up sessions and fantastic runway show.

We challenge girls to have a foundation based on Christ and to give up their baggage acquired from their life choices. We believe that we must live a life of true beauty, reflecting God’s image by living life in accordance with His word. Each conference features the following workshops:

  •    Cleansing – Learning how God washes us of our sins
  •    Concealer – Girls learn coverage tips and what the Bible says about concealing sin
  •    Foundation – Teaching girls how to build life on biblical principles
  •    Lips – Highlighting the importance of speaking the word of God
  •    Eyes – Cautions girls to be careful of what they watch & put into spirit
  •    Runway Show – Display true beauty focusing on types of baggage we are carrying.


Makeover 101 Assemblies use current and relate-able topics to discuss with teens. Format includes speakers, artist and panel guest and break out sessions. We create dialogue and make sure that teens are entertained. This works great for school settings as well as large youth groups.



We are pleased to have the opportunity to lead through our mentoring program as well as partner with our community partners to provide mentors. We have programs within the schools as well as individual program where we work one on one with girls. Our goal is to take the girls out of their environment to expose them to different parts of life while sharing the love & gospel of Christ. We work with them to dream, set goals and practical methods of achieving those goals including academic accountability. If you are interested in being a mentor or would like to suggest a group/individual to be mentored please contact us.



Join us the last Tuesday of every month as Makeover 101 serves the 5th ward community. We can use your help preparing and serving food or donating items for a meal. We have partnered with Hip Hop Hope Missions who delivers the gospel to this community every Tuesday night 7-8:30pm (3401 Liberty Rd Houston, TX 77026). Students can receive service hours for volunteering.

Mind, Body & Soul After School Program

Girls are assigned a mentor (academic, mental, physical support) for duration of program (32weeks).

Character /Leadership Development activities encourage youths to support and influence the youth program and community by challenging others to engage & learn about health;develop a positive self-image & social media image; improve decision making skills through hands on banking & finance. Learn about and participate in the democratic process through group business project; learn value life principles; develop moral character and respect their own and others’ cultural identities.

Education/Career Development activities to help youths become proficient in basic educational disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations. We will collaborate with community partners vested in strategies to reduce educational disparities among under served youth. Our focus will be on science & math.

Health/Life Skills activities are offered to develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their well being, set personal goals and develop feasible plans to achieve.

The Arts (Fashion and Media) activities are offered to enable youths to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of age appropriate apparel and personal appearance.

Fitness & Nutrition Programs activities are offered to help youth develop their fitness and appreciation for the environment; make positive use of leisure time; and learn stress management. Learn about healthy food choices.

Girls are guided towards physical fitness through running. Upon completion of the course girls have opportunity to compete in a community wide event giving the girls a tangible sense of achievement and for setting and achieving life goals.

Bring the program to your community or school.


We choose to partner with organizations that are already working in the community. We use our volunteers and resources for the common goal of helping those in need. Click if you are interested in becoming a community partner. Community Partners we are actively involved with: