Volunteering with Makeover is very rewarding. Every area of our organization is ran and operated by volunteers.  If you are a student in need of community service hours, we provide many opportunities to volunteer with us or one of our many partner organizations. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

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Did you know that many employees will make a donation on your behalf? Now you can reward us with your time and the corporation you work for will reward us with their dollars. Check our list and if you don’t see your company, find out from your human resource department if its offered.


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Volunteer Spotlight

Syerra Sanford, Sharon Hill, Kaitlyn Gant

Why others volunteer?

“One day I was called to help with the runway show for a Makeover conference. I asked when do you need me? I was told right now, the conference is tomorrow. I have been volunteering every since”- Toni Dupree (runway coach)

“I was asked to speak at the Makeover conference & that was really out of my comfort zone. Through Makeover I have learned to be bold and confident in myself and more out spoken”-Martha Sarrano (speaker)

“It was amazing to see the eyes of the little girls eyes as they were over run by pink everywhere, not only did they learn to use makeup but heard about the gospel” – Graham Gamble